Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What will be new in Liferay 6.2 !!

Hi folks,

I am sure all the Liferay community members are waiting for Liferay 6.2 with some new features and UI enhancements. So today I am going to highlight some of the new things coming in Liferay 6.2. (Grabbed from Liferay 6.2 CE Milestone 6)
    • Liferay is now upgraded to Alloy 2.0 including bootstrap. So almost all the UI is changed to Alloy 2.0 which will give entire new look to Liferay.
Liferay 6.2 with Alloy 2.0
Liferay 6.2 with Alloy 2.0

  • Improvements in Statging & Import/Export features
    • There are many changes in Staging & Import/Export features. Though currently it required many things to be fixed in UI & other areas.
Liferay 6.2 - Staging
Liferay 6.2 - Staging

  • New Look & Feel for Control Panel
    • Control Panel UI & theme got changed. Although it's not completely finalized yet but you'll see new look & feel for 6.2's Control Panel.
    • It's divided into 4 main columns. Users, Sites, Apps & Configuration
Liferay 6.2 - Control Panel
Liferay 6.2 - Control Panel

  • Dockbar
    • Dockbar UI is also changed and categorized in new format.
Liferay 6.2 - Dockbar
Liferay 6.2 - Dockbar

  • New Template Editor with Auto Complete
    • Yes, This version has inbuilt WCM Template editor with auto complete help to make Admin/Editor's life easy.
Liferay 6.2 - Template Editor
Liferay 6.2 - Template Editor
Liferay 6.2 CE Beta 1 is released and available to download.

Tejas Kanani


  1. Tejas.. really good article! thanks buddy! :)

  2. Anyone know of a timeframe for release of 6.2 EE ?

  3. For theme (VM) also they are going to provide auto complete feature ?

  4. Hi Tejas ,

    I am very new to liferay and I need to get ThemeDisplay object so that I can access page URL in my controller.
    I am trying with the following code but it gives null-pointer exception

    public String showItems(ModelMap model, RenderResponse response, RenderRequest request) {
    ThemeDisplay themeDisplay = (ThemeDisplay)request.getAttribute(WebKeys.THEME_DISPLAY);
    Layout layout = themeDisplay.getLayout();
    String uri = layout.getFriendlyURL();

    I have tried printing request attribute for WebKeys.THEME_DISPLAY but it is null in my request .

    I have added following dependency in my pom.xml


    My liferay is : liferay-portal-6.2.0-GA1

    Can you please help.

    Thank you.

  5. Try to acces using servlet request

  6. We would like to present you our new portlet. It allows you to manage contacts on Liferay's Platform.
    We encourage to download trial version. Please share your opinion and ideas with us.

  7. Video guide install liferay 6.2

  8. Video guide install liferay 6.2