Saturday, August 24, 2013

Liferay 6.1.2 CE GA 3 & Liferay 6.2 CE Beta 2 released !!!

Today Liferay has announced two big releases.

1) Liferay 6.1 CE GA3

Most awaited, Liferay 6.1 GA 3 has been released with many bug fixes and working PACL security. They have also improved the Sprint MVC by solving some fixes. It's version name would be 6.1.2 as per the versioning convection Liferay is following. After this release it will be easy for developer to submit their apps in Liferay Marketplace with PACL security enabled.

Visit James Falkner's recent blog for detailed updates on each fixes/updates.

- Bundled Tomcat

2) Liferay 6.2 CE Beta 2

Next release is Liferay 6.2 CE Beta 2. Earlier this month Liferay has announced Liferay Community Beta Program along with Liferay 6.2 CE Beta 1 release. Version 6.2 has come up with many changes in streamlining the UI with Bootstrap, Alloy UI 2, complete make over of Control Panel etc. For more details on changes coming in Liferay 6.2, vist my recent blog on it. If I get a chance, I'll also share the feedback of Liferay 6.2 CE B2 on what's been changed and what is you should take a look at in it.


That's it regarding the recent releases of Liferay. Keep following opensourceforlife for more updates.



  1. Your post do not have date, when was this blog published

    1. Thanks Joseph for pointing this out. It was only displaying the time. I've fixed the date format and it's displaying the complete date after post header.