Saturday, October 19, 2013

Custom Landing Page Hook v1.1 Released !!!

I am pleased to share that Custom Landing Page Hook v1.1 is released in Liferay Marketplace. It has come up with some new options as well as few bug fixes.

New Feature !! 

There is a new option added by which any specific page within a Site/Organization can be made a landing page for that Site/Organization instead of their home page.
Just create a custom attribute of Site/Organization by mentioning the page friendlyURL.

For defining,
1) Site/Organization's Public page
- Create custom attribute of type "TextField" with key "landingPagePublic" and define value as desired page's friendlyURL. i.e. /welcome
2) Site/Organization's Private page
- Create custom attribute of type "TextField" with key "landingPagePrivate" and define value as desired page's friendlyURL. i.e. /myhome

Define specific landing page for site/organization via Custom Attribute in Custom Landing Page Hook


Now It's also compatible with recent release of Liferay.
  • 6.1.2 CE GA3
  • 6.1.30 EE GA3

Glassfish issue with PACL workaround

There is an open PACL/Glassfish issue which is currently under investigation (
Until it will get fixed below is the workaround for glassfish users.
1. Start Glassfish with security manager
2. Make sure is set to "liferay" in

Latest Changes

You'll find the latest source code for Custom Landing Page Hook from Git Repository. You can also download the latest packaged war from here (v1.2). This will also include the changes that have been made post v1.1 release of Liferay Marketplace App submission.

For any Issue/Support

For any issue/support, you can either reach out to me at Or you can create a issue in Github issues

Tejas Kanani
Senior Consultant @ CIGNEX Datamatics


  1. At Elegant MicroWeb we find that this is a very good Hook plug-in for landing page redirection. During any portal development one must customize the landing page and our Liferay Developers write our own Hook plug-in to customize and achieve requirements. This hook plug-in will really be helpful for simple custom landing pages requirements. It would be great if they could enhance it to associate User group landing pages etc. Looking forward to further enhancements and features.­elopment.htm

    1. Thanks Susan for your valuable feedback. And regarding suggestion for associate User Group coverage, It'll be great if you can elaborate more on what exactly you want to have as an enhancement. May be a simple example. I'll try to put it as an new feature.

    2. Hi,

      I have created and tested the hook at my end but I am unable to find out how to deploy the hook on the staging server or on client's website.

      Awaiting your response...

    3. Hi Naveed,
      You just need to deploy the war in deploy folder. Are you getting any error while deploying it in staging server ?