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  1. Is there any way in Liferay to authenticate user while sending username and password in url

    1. Check LoginUtil class if it helps.
      And also check web services provided by Liferay if any service would help here.

    2. Thanks Tejas that Class really helpful, My question is Is there any way to do autologin without writing a autologin plugin using following url format:

      Or I need to write my autologin plugin to validate???

  2. Hi Tejas,
    I am facing a problem at the level of theme deployment , my logs are throwing below error:

    Registering themes for customtheme
    [PluginPackageUtil:1127] Unable to load repository com.liferay.portal.plugin.PluginPackageException:
    Unable to communicate with repository

    ERROR [PluginPackageUtil:1127] Unable to load repository com.liferay.portal.plugin.PluginPackageException: Unable to communicate with repository

    com.liferay.portal.kernel.xml.DocumentException: Connection timed out: connect Nested exception: Connection timed out: connect

    [ThemeHotDeployListener:94] 0 themes for customtheme are available for use

    any help would be appreciated

  3. Hello Tejas,

    A third party has implemented Liferay at my company and also implemented the LandingPage hook for us but without support. Now it does not work. Could you help us out?
    These are our settings in Portal properties:

    Property Value landingPage role true

    Regular roles have the Custom field Landingpage:
    Key: landingPage
    Type: Text

    Each user has 1 regular role assigned and this regular role has the Landingpage assigned /group/corporate/home.
    There are more roles for different sites.
    Each user also has multiple inherited roles but in here the LandingPage field is left blank.

    What I have tried without success:
    -Set the property "Visible with Update" to True
    -Enter a default value "/group/corporate/home"

    I have no ideas left, I hope you do!


    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for reaching out !

      Answer of the few question would help to identify the issue faster.

      1) Which version of Liferay are you using ? And make sure you're using the latest version of hook. i.e. 1.2.2 Latest war can be download from

      2) Would you be able to share the logs after starting up the liferay and try login with a user.

      3) Also if you using the latest version of hook, you can set log level to DEBUG in Custom Landing Page Hook war(/WEB-INF/classes/log4j.xml) and re-deploy in order to get debug level logs. And after this you'll start getting the logs in {Liferay HOME}\logs\custom-landing-page-hook.*.log file. Can you check and share the logs file at